Three Items for Sale (Click Here to See Descriptions)

Laguna Air Pump, Model PT 1620. Used for one short season, in good condition. Nice to have all year round for a healthy pond. Asking price $70 (sells for $140 - $155 on Ebay).

Skeeter Vac, Model SV5100. This model covers over 1+ acres. Used once. Includes 1 unit on wheels, 4 new FineTune baits, and 8 Tactrap refills. Asking price $470 (sells for $945 on Ebay).

PondMaster 2000 Pump. Used, works very well. Asking price $60.

Buy all three items for $500 even!

If interested, please contact Joel Waszak at or (303) 673-0895 and leave a message.