Pond Care Year-Round

To enjoy your pond year-round, set up a seasonal care plan. Most care is on a preventative schedule to maintain a healthy pond, which generally equates to a visually appealing pond.


Maintenance in Spring plays an important role in general pond health and enhances enjoyment throughout the growing season. Spring is a transition time in the pond. Sunlight is increasing, temperatures are warming, fish are increasing their activity, and algae begin its growth cycle.


For summer, Tropical water plants can be placed in the pond when daytime water temperatures near 70? Fahrenheit and night temperatures do not drop below 50? Fahrenheit. This usually occurs by the middle of June.


For Autumn, covering a pond with bird netting can save a great deal of work if the pond is in a heavily treed area. Remove any dead leaves or dead plant material from the pond. Trim back all plants and drop hardy Nymphaea to the lowest level of the pond. Move tropical plants indoors for overwintering.


For Winter, when water temperatures drop below 55? Fahrenheit, stop feeding fish and shut down the biological filter. Drain all water from any exterior piping to eliminate cracking or breaking from eventual freezing or plan on running your pump throughout the Winter.


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