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What size if your pond? We have three ponds, each approximately 12' x 6'.

When were they built? The first pond was built in 1972 and the other two were built about 1984.

Who constructed them? We did.

What are your greatest pond challenges? Shade, deer, and hail.

What would you do differently if you were to build the ponds today? The first pond was built with concrete. We would not do that again, as you lose space when the sides have to be sloped.

What do you love most about your pond? We love just looking at them and watching the lilies bloom. Each pond is different and our plants are placed where they best perform.

Freestone's Ponds 

Freestone's Close Up of Pond with Cranes 

Freestone's Pond with Cranes 

Freestone's Pond with Windmill 

Freestone's Pond with Waterwheel