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Hello Colorado Water Garden Society member or friend.

The purpose of the member profiles is to introduce you to fellow members and give you a chance to see their beautiful pond (s). So often we get to know someone in the Society but we never get to see their pond(s) unless they are on the Pond Tour.

Click on their photograph to see pictures and details of their ponds!

Bud and Debbi Kiebler 

CWGS members since: 2000
Where they live: Franktown, CO

About their Pond: We have several lined ponds with various types of filtration; one is about 9,000 gallons, one 7,000, one about 700 gallons.

Who built your ponds? Our company, BR&D Landscape built our ponds.

When were your ponds built: We started building our ponds about 1996.

What would you do differently if you were to build the ponds today? We have continually remodeled our ponds since 1998 to accommodate new technologies. Our latest remodel included installation of a BioFalls, converting that pond into a wetland filtration system.

What do you enjoy most about your ponds? Our ponds provide the best backyard therapy. It nature closer to our back door.

Bill and Janet Bathurst 

CWGS members since: 1997.
Where they live: Arvada
About their Pond: 2500 Gallon Waterscape style pond with a 50 foot long stream.
The pond was made by: Rocky Mountain Waterscapes

Bill and Janet have been long time members of the CWGS. Bill says that he has always been in love with ponds since he was young. He used to wade into wild ponds to catch frogs when he was a boy. His first pond he and his brother in law, Robert Pollock, dug themselves in 1995. He has been hooked ever since.

Janet tells the story how, before they were married, he helped her build a whiskey barrel pond on the deck of her townhouse. She says that she would get strange comments from her neighbors because she would sit out at night and look at the fish in her ponds with a flashlight!

Biggest Challenge: Getting their lotus to bloom!

What they love most about their pond: They love sharing it with people and watching the fish swim so lazily early in the morning.